Shelby Allen ( born Shelby Jean Allen) was born on October 31, 1993. She is known to be 16 in the beginning, then mentioned 17 after Halloween. When Max Beign Walker, a 251 year old vampire, comes in her dreams, he affects her life entirely. As their adventure takes both their lives in an enchanted twist, they both end up falling in love.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, Shelby was very shy and quiet. It was mainly because of her father's sudden death. though she was sad most of the time, that didn't stop Tyler Hale from being her friend. The two have been best friends since they were seven.

In middle school, she met Jessie, Dave, and Hayley-whom became instant friends with her during homeroom. To Shelby, middle school was the place where she was most happiest because of them. She even developed a little crush on Dave himself, and he didn't mind at all-though it was never mentioned that they ever had a relationship-their friendship is very close and platonic.

However, that affection soon started to fade when Jessie, Dave, and Hayley started to become more distant and they avoided her in every way possible. It was very confusing to Shelby, and she started to think if she had done something wrong. Eventually, three weeks later, she turned to Tyler for help. Tyler didn't say much either, but he told her that they were leaving.

Shelby had never got the reason why.

High SchoolEdit

4 years later, in her high school years, she made friends with Pete Cambell, a.k.a. "The Chicken Noodle". He was her only friend and she liked it that way. She never attended any afterschool activities or school events because she was always "wrapped up in homework".

Starbucks was her afterschool job on weekdays. Pete would visit her from day to day, and would hope to get a free Frap from time to time.

After Pete left one day, Shelby did her work like she usually does-alone mostly, and by herself. Later on that day, around 6:04, she came across an unexpected guest that put her through deja vu.

An Unexpectant EncounterEdit

When a hooded figure came into Starbucks, it caught Shelby's attention. She watched the figure for a minute before going over and asking him what he wanted-which, in his case, was a 12 creamed coffee with no sugar.